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Tortillas Payan: Serving Fresh Tortillas and Jobs

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First generation immigrant from Mexico, Jose and wife Noemi from Puerto Rico have made their American Dream come true.  They were working two jobs and raising a family when they started their small tortilla business. Soon, they had more orders than they could fill, needing to add employees and a bigger space to take their business to the next level. After failed attempts to secure conventional financing through banks, the Payans were referred to  Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF) who provided funds for their new facility and equipment in 2006. Today, Tortillas Payan owner of Tortilleria La Perla has grown to 45 employees, all of them minority, and is a true family business. Five of the six Payan children work full time in the business and extended family is everywhere you look.

 “This is our American dream; to make a better life for our kids,” said Noemi.

Not content with the status quo, the Payans decided to add a new product line, which includes low fat and flavored tortillas.  They also wanted to upgrade their technology to streamline the manufacturing process, improve efficiency and minimize waste while remaining in the low-income community that fostered their start-up.

The Payans were again unable to obtain traditional financing. The Neighborhood Development Center (NDC), who continues to provide business counsel to the Payans, partnered with CRF to put together a strong loan request. As a result of that, and the Ours To Own Twin Cities initiative, CRF was able to provide a $915,000 loan to upgrade their technology, add a new product line, and refinance debt. It started with a simple passion and a dream; fresh tortillas for everyone and business of their very own.  With hard work and dedication, the Payans continue to make the freshest, most authentic tortillas in the region and continue to grow the business for the next generation and beyond.

Through Ours to Own Twin Cities, your small investment helps local community lenders like CRF provide needed capital to underserved small businesses like Tortillas Payans.

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