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Ours To Own

Our communities are Ours to Own.

We are a growing movement of people making small investments
that directly benefit our communities.

For as little as $20 you can support the businesses and organizations that are building a better Twin Cities — and earn returns.


How the Ours To Own Initiative works

  1. Small investments — $20 and up — are pooled together to provide funding that communities need to grow stronger.
  2. Our partners — nonprofits and community development organizations — work directly with the community to identify the best use of the money.
  3. Money is provided as loans to launch or expand local businesses, create more affordable housing, reinforce local food systems — all the things that a city needs.
  4. Investors like you share in the returns, financially and socially.

Learn more about how the initiative works here.

There are so many ways to create real value in your community.

Investing is one of them.

Join a movement of people investing in the cities they love and earning real returns.

Ours to Own - Twin Cities

Ours to Own

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The Ours To Own movement is made up of thousands of people like you: community leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, friends, and neighbors — all investing to support a stronger and more connected Twin Cities.

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