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Ours To Own

Local Real Estate Reviving Metro Denver Communities

Invest in the Urban Land Conservancy, a local non-profit that preserves and develops real estate for long-term community reinvestment.

Investing in the work of the Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) means investing in Metro Denver’s bright, inclusive and equitable future. ULC’s mission is to acquire, develop, and preserve real estate assets in urban areas for a variety of community needs such as schools, affordable housing, community centers, and affordable office space for nonprofits.

ULC’s past work has had a profound impact on Denver neighborhoods, and this investment will allow them to expand their work in the areas of greatest need across the Metro Denver region.

An example of ULC’s work is Holly Square in Northeast Park Hill. Today, this plot of land boasts a vibrant Boys & Girls Club, a local non-profit that is training and empowering the neighborhood’s youth, and Peace Courts, where kids of all ages can run around and shoot hoops. Just five short years ago, however, the landscape was not such a pretty picture. In 2009, this area was host to a shopping center burned to the ground by gang-related arson and hope was a distant feeling.

With the help of partners across the Denver community including the City’s Office of Economic Development and The Denver Foundation, ULC purchased the site and set off on a two year community engagement tour to listen to and capture the needs and hopes for this now infamous spot. What they found through the Holly Area Redevelopment Project, or HARP, was a community that wanted to pick itself back up and have a voice it its future. This clear vision allowed ULC to ensure the site was redeveloped in a way that met the needs of the local residents and community stakeholders, injecting new optimism in this passionate neighborhood.

Looking forward, ULC hopes to use the funds provided by the Ours to Own effort to expand its work and its impact on the Denver region’s diverse residents. We look forward to sharing stories about their new projects through this campaign… stay tuned!

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