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Preserving Affordability for Denver Nonprofits

Urban Land Conservancy acquisition preserves affordable space for nonprofits serving thousands of immigrant and refugee residents

The Mountain View Nonprofit Center was recently acquired by the Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) to preserve affordable, transit-accessible office space for local nonprofits. The nonprofits that occupy the building, including Lutheran Family Services, currently employ 130 people and serve more than 1,000 people a week, including local immigrant and refugee communities.

Given the strategic location of the building and its proximity to public transportation, the seven story building was recently targeted by a for-profit developer who was looking to purchase and redevelopment into luxury rental housing. This purchase would have displaced the nonprofits, who would been extremely challenged to find new affordable space in a location accessible to those they serve — 90-95% of residents use public transportation to reach their office.

This acquisition was a great way to put ULC’s recently developed Healthy Community Principles into practice.  These principles, developed in coordination with the Colorado Health Foundation, prioritize investments that promote the health and well-being of Colorado residents.  One of the core principles is the prioritization of “Healthy Places” which seeks to incorporate healthy community land use patterns; making it easier, safer and more appealing to walk, bike, play and engage in daily activities that encourage movement, connection and fun. Preserving this office space allows both the nonprofit employees, and those they serve, to have walkable, bikeable, and transit-accessible space to provide and benefit from the amazing services offered up by those who work in the building.

By preserving this community asset with the support of community investors like you, ULC has ensured the nonprofits can continue making a positive impact in the Denver region, and their clients will continue to be able to access critical services.

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