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Ours To Own is a growing movement of people investing as little as $20 — and earning returns — to strengthen the Metro Denver community we love. Through our positive-impact investing, we are flowing money through the local economy and creating opportunity for our friends, family and fellow citizens. We believe that we all have a stake in mobilizing communities that serve and celebrate all Front Range residents.

Through our local partners, the Urban Land Conservancy, the Colorado Enterprise Fund, and Community Reinvestment Fund, USA we are investing in small businesses and community development right here in Colorado. We are preserving real estate in urban areas across the region for schools, community centers and affordable office space for nonprofits. And we are supporting small businesses that drive economic activity locally. Together we are having a profound impact on communities across the Denver region.

It can be easy to forget that a small amount of money can create massive change. The Ours To Own movement is connecting hundreds of people and organizations working toward shared prosperity. By engaging people to invest in the success of our community — and directly benefit from that success financially and socially — we are establishing a sustainable foundation for our neighborhoods to serve us all.

Our communities are Ours To Own. Join the movement today.

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Starting at $20, you can earn returns by investing in enterprises that are creating quality jobs and stronger communities.

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