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The Power of Big Green Trucks

Invest in community and businesses like 5280 Waste Solutions, a company creating local economic opportunity providing innovative recycling solutions to individuals and organizations.

Bill Bradley and Shaun Hollis worked for a waste management company that was going through tough times. They knew that they had to take action if they were to save the company — and the jobs of more than 20 colleagues. In order to buy the business they needed capital — and they needed it quickly.

After unsuccessful meetings with a few traditional commercial lenders, Bill and Shaun were connected with Brian at Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF). Brian understood their vision and cared deeply about the economic impact of this business and the jobs it provided. Working together, the loan’s paperwork was expedited and CRF disbursed the money needed within 90 days, allowing Bill and Shaun to successfully purchase the company.

Uninspired by their old, drab maroon equipment, Bill and Shaun decided to make a splash in a traditionally unappealing industry. They painted their trucks and dumpsters bright green, developed a new logo, and decided to focus their business on recycling and innovative waste solutions for individuals, organizations and construction sites.

Today, 5280 Waste Solutions is booming, tripling in size over two and a half years, and initiating a search for real estate that can continue to grow with them. As they look for their future home they try to identify community issues their business can help solve, focusing on underserved neighborhoods where they can hire drivers from the area, and stabilize part of the city that needs it.

Beyond being local job creators and providers, Bill, Shaun and their colleagues participate in community events. Their favorite is the Platte River clean-up, when they donate dumpsters and help clean up the trash and debris clogging the local river. When asked about these local efforts, Bill lights up. “Whenever we can find a channel and way to organize community activities and provide and attract resources, we love to.”

Through Ours To Own Denver, your small investment will help local lenders like CRF invest in community, providing capital to small businesses like 5280 Waste Solutions, fueling growth and prosperity.

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