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Building Community Through Barks and Brews

Invest in American businesses like The Bark Bar, a local establishment creating community by connecting neighbors — and the dogs they love — while satisfying a thirst for caffeine and local brews.

A few years ago, Catherine Peters and her husband were walking through a dog park on a beautiful summer afternoon. They basked in the warm Denver sunlight and watched their two dogs run around. It wasn’t long before Catherine, a lover of local brews, said, “I could really go for a good beer. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a dog park bar?”

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find a thriving community of dog, caffeine and local beer lovers on West 38th Avenue in the Highlands, at The Bark Bar.

Traditional lenders couldn’t see past the high risk bar classification, to consider the full impact of investment — but The Bark Bar was a perfect candidate for the Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF), a Community Development Financial Institution that provides small business loans. CRF knew that The Bark Bar’s presence in the neighborhood would have a great impact on the building, block and neighborhood identified as the first home for the business.

The investment has certainly paid off. Bypassing the hassles of traditional lending or venture capital, Catherine was able to use CRF’s loan to turn a formerly vacant, ignored indoor and outdoor space into the beautiful structure and yard it is today. But beyond the renovations, you can see The Bark Bar’s impact on the neighborhood every time local dogs and their “thirsty humans” walk in. Catherine immediately flashes her huge smile, offering a warm cup of coffee or a cold beer, while four-legged friends head to one of the outdoor yards to sniff, run and play.

Through Ours To Own Denver, your small investment will help local lenders like CRF invest in community, providing capital to small businesses like the Bark Bar, fueling growth and prosperity.

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