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Ours To Own is a growing movement of people making small investments — $20 or more — to strengthen the cities we live in and love. We are reclaiming the basic concept of investing: pooling together smaller amounts of money to create bigger impact, for the common good.

Over the past 22 years, Calvert Impact Capital has raised more than $1.4 billion in support of community development efforts, providing resources that have reinforced and launched new businesses, and expanded services that people need.

In the Twin Cities, Denver, and Baltimore, we are deepening relationships with local lenders and community leaders, to identify the enterprises we can best support.

How to Invest

Investing through Ours To Own means investing in Calvert Impact Capital’s Community Investment Note, a fixed-income investment that earns between 1-4% interest. The easiest way to invest is through Calvert Impact Capital’s secure online platform.

Step 1: Register an account. You’ll need to provide the basics — username, e-mail and password — and then verify your account via email. You can fund your new investment by using the checking or savings account of your choice.

Step 2: Choose your investment. You’ll see several options for the length of your investment and the corresponding interest rate. Pick one, enter the amount you’d like to invest, and you’re on your way.

Step 3: Enjoy real returns. Financial returns based on your investment will be paid annually. Social returns can be enjoyed year round, as you benefit from loans to businesses and organizations that make your community an even better place to live.


How is Ours To Own different from other microlending opportunities or crowdfunding campaigns that offer perks?
Most crowdfunding options offer perks in return for a donation. Microlending opportunities typically provide loans to entrepreneurs but no financial return to individual investors. Through the Ours To Own campaign you can make a true investment — structured to repay your original investment value, with interest. When you invest through Ours To Own, you actually invest in Calvert Impact Capital’s Community Investment Note, an investment security with a 22-year track record of solid performance. Since 1995, more than 18,000 investors have collectively invested more than $1.4 billion for social good — and not a single one has lost money on their investment. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, we’re proud of our long history of 100% repayment. Read the Community Investment Note prospectus to learn more.

Do I get to choose where my investment goes?
Local lenders collaborate with business and community leaders to identify the best use of Calvert Impact Capital’s loan capital — choosing businesses and organizations that have a solid financial track record or business plan, in addition to delivering meaningful value to the community. To reduce the risk to investors, you are not able to choose the projects or businesses. When you invest in a Community Investment Note, you can indicate the city to which you would like your support to be targeted.

What is impact investing?
Technically all investing has an impact. When people use the term “impact investing” or “social good investing” they are talking about investments in companies or organizations that offer positive social and environmental benefits, and address community issues, in addition to earning a profit.

How do I invest?
You can invest through Calvert Impact Capital’s secure online platform, or if you have a financial advisor or brokerage account, you can invest in through those traditional channels as well. Call Calvert Impact Capital’s Investor Relations team at 800-248-0337 to learn more.

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Starting at $20, you can earn returns by investing in enterprises that are creating quality jobs and stronger communities.

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